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Public Collections


Tate Gallery,London.

The Design Council, London

Museum of London

Design Museum, London

Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand

Lethbridge Art Gallery, Canada

Rochdale Art Gallery

Leicester Education Authority.

Lancashire Education Authority.

West Riding Yorkshire Education Authority.

City of Westminster

Yorkshire Television.



Private Collections


UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan

District Line 1978, oil on canvas 183x153cms  


"This painting depicts the interior of a 1970s train carriage, parked at one of the termini in Hammersmith. Two passengers occupy the carriage: a seated man who appears to be asleep and a blonde-haired woman who has stood up, presumably to leave the train, since it has reached its destination. The colouring, heightened perspective and attention to geometric shapes attests to Beggs' interest in the Italian Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca and the 20th century American painter Edward Hopper."


Museum of London 2015

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